I was unable to make it to the WRA last week, as I had went out of town for most of the time. I was, however, able to get some transcribing done for the Black Mountain College interviews. While the process of transcribing is tedious, it is rewarding to see the final product of your efforts. It requires hours of listening to and repeating the same thirty seconds to thirty minutes of dialogue on a loop, followed by a close proof-reading of your transcription. I am always caught off guard by the sheer speed in which people speak, and often forget that I typing can be much slower than the average individual’s talking.

When I went this week, the archives had developed a leak due to the tropical storm that had passed through! It wasn’t bad, but the moisture poses a problem and potential dangers to the stacks. Heather hopes to have it dealt with soon.

I spent more time on summarizing and transcribing letters in the BMC Correspondence files. I have almost completed Evarts’s folders, which I am quite exited about! I was also able to help Heather load materials, including an old canon, into her van for the fair next week. Afterwards, Heather bought pizza for herself, the volunteers, and the interns. It was a very pleasant day! I look forward to my next visit at the WRA!



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