At this point during the semester and reviewing the remaining hours required, I can see the end of my internship approaching. I have been devoting more hours to transcribing the Basil King interviews, which I fear I may not finish before the end of my time at the archives. Perhaps I will volunteer there to try and finish them before the end of the year outside of an internship for college credit. I have gotten to know Heather, the other archivists, and the other interns very well over the course of my study there.

As stated previously, I spent a  portion of my time this week transcribing the Basil King interview–though a smaller portion than last week. It has become a little easier, but it remains tedious. On Thursday, I was able to help Heather and another volunteer sort through a new collection, which has become somewhat a cathartic experience. It involves sorting, throwing away duplicates or unnecessary materials, and organizing a collection. I look forward to finishing out the remainder of my internship there soon!

I have also begun constructing the website for my research with Dr. Bruce. It is coming together in its own way, but I am now reminded of the frustration involved with constructing a website from scratch. In times such as this, I find myself ever grateful of Kristen’s help last semester during the construction of the website.



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