This week I have made both the transcribing for the Western Regional Archives and the creation of the website for my independent study my focuses.

The due date for the first draft of Dr. Bruce and I’s website on Virginia Bryan is a month away and I am becoming concerned about what the finished product might look like. I am having trouble finding images to decorate the website with. I also have very little done on Gertrude Ramsey, Eileen Smith, and Wilma Dykeman. I have found that Gertrude Ramsey has an interview in Special Collections that I can use for my research, but finding information on Wilma Dykeman is surprisingly difficult. Perhaps I only find it difficult because there is a copious amount of sources on her career, but little on her home life. I will take a look at Special Collections to see what I can come up with on her.

The Basil King interviews are slow going. Often, Basil King and the interviewer will speak over each other, or back away from the microphone so that they are difficult to hear, or the interviewer will begin typing as Basil King is speaking, making it difficult to hear. I hope that I am able to finish these interviews by the time the semester is over. I have plenty of work to do!


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