This week, I would like to take a closer look at the programs I am using for my internship at the Western Regional Archives and the Virginia Bryan website.

For my transcriptions for the archives, I have been between using oTranscribe and Transcribe.wreally.

  • oTranscribe is a free website that allows you to use one program to both control the audio and write on the page. This is particularly useful as it frees you from switching between programs and, most importantly, is free to use.
  • Transcribe.wreally is my preferred website of the two, but charges $20 for an annual license outside of its free trial. However, this isn’t a particularly bad price, especially for the the software it provides. It allows you to slow the audio, use the Esc button to pause, allows you to rewind in two second increments, and even offers a dictate option in which you speak into the microphone and merely repeat the words from the audio. It also saves your work from your previous session automatically.

After utilizing these tools, I have been slipping my finished products into a GoogleDoc for Heather to access.

For my independent study, I have used Canva to create a logo for the website and I intend to use TimelineJS or a similar program to give a more visual option to compare the students. I haven’t quite decided how this tool will be used–either to display the times in which Bryan’s students attended the college, or to show where they went after their graduation–but I hope to incorporate this tool.


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