I am becoming nervous about the amount of work I have done on the transcriptions for the Western Regional Archives, versus the amount I have to show for it. It really is quite a long process. For every 15 minutes of audio, I have been spending anywhere between one to three hours writing and reading through the transcription. I hope to complete this process soon, but I am beginning to believe that I will need to continue this after the semester is completed. Heather needs each of these audio clips finished by the end of the year, and I intend to have this complete one way or another.

It does get frustrating transcribing Basil King’s interviews at times. He doesn’t seem to stay on topic very well. He is a distinguished artist, author, and graduate from Black Mountain College, but he also tends to fall into rambling tirades about various topics. These can range from how he is treated on the bus, how he feels as though he is an outsider in the arts world, how he has become an outlandish figure in his residential community, or how the American education system is broken. His interviewer also isn’t the best at keeping him on topic and seems to encourage these tirades. That being said, in the least, it is easier to transcribe a tirade than when they speak over one another.

It isn’t as bad as I am making it out to be, though. His interviews can also be quite interesting! At times, he mentions the curriculum at Black Mountain College, the competitive nature of the students, or what advice his teachers there gave him.

I look forward to becoming a better transcriber by the end of this project.


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