The deadline for the first draft of the Virgina Bryan website for my independent study is due on November 13th, so I have been dedicating the bulk of my time this week to it. It has been an ordeal, but now that the website has been coming together, I find that it has been worth it.

The first step of my process included writing out each page. I feel as though each page must be filled with some content in the very least before I begin editing the website. Gertrude Ramsey’s interview provided me with a wealth of information about her time attending the college and Virginia Bryan’s teaching. I am currently in the process of writing her passage. I have also contacted WLOS regarding the Gertrude Ramsey Show. I have finally received a call back to confirm what they are searching for, but have not received anything beyond that. I hope to have some of that information by the time my first draft is finished, but it may have to wait for the final draft.

Dr. Bruce has agreed to write the selection on Eileen Smith, which is a wonderful help. After a review for my plan of the website, I’ve realized just how colossal of a project this has become and all of Dr. Bruce’s help is not only appreciated, but I’m convinced I would not be able to do this without his help.

I have also decided that the TimelineJS feature will have to wait for the final draft, for time’s sake. I have a lot left to do before this website is presentable!


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