This previous Monday, the first draft of Dr. Bruce and I’s Virginia Bryan website was due. Considering everything, I am quite proud of the product that we were able to come up with. It is a little rough around the edges and there is plenty left to work on, but I am pleased for the time being. I was able to incorporate a slider of three images on the front page–one of the college residence at the time, one of Virginia Bryan that leads to her page, and one of a graduating class that leads to the Student’s page. I was also able to incorporate a quote from Gertrude Ramsey on the front page.

The green of the header bar that came with the theme is far from my favorite, but I find that the manila color that I chose for the background works quite well with it and creates a more professional feel. I was also able to find a collection in Special Collections to help me with Wilma Dykeman’s page, primarily on her childhood.

After this, I will need to rewrite some sections of the website, put in citations, create a TimelineJS, and tie up some loose ends. There’s quite a bit left to do, but I am quite happy with this first draft product!


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